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Sonihull ECO will protect all kinds of leisure boat from the rigors of marine bio-fouling. Traditional anti-fouling systems (like anti-fouling paints) rely on the release of poisonous biocides that aim to kill anything that attaches to your hull. These systems require owners to etch their brand-new hull and start on a never-ending annual (sometimes bi-annual) cycle of hoisting, jetting, cleaning, disposing of hazardous wash-off, surface prep, masking and repainting with more toxic chemicals. That newly anti-fouled smooth-bottom feeling doesn’t last long either. Fouling will get progressively worse until your next lift-out.

24/7 Protection, Season After Season

With Sonihull ECO you can break free from this expensive and time-consuming boat maintenance and get back to enjoying your boat.

Whatever your hull is made of, your boat’s performance and your boating experience can be maintained season after season.

Steel, Aluminium, GRP, FRP, Carbon, Kevlar, even solid plastics and ABS materials can be protected from marine bio-fouling with Sonihull ECO anti-fouling systems.

Sonihull ECO Protects – Inside & Out

Inside: Waterjets, Fuel & Water Tanks

Outside: Hulls, Propellers, Stern Drives, IPS Drives, Keel Coolers

(NB - Wooden vessels cannot be protected by Sonihull ECO systems. The varying densities within the wood grain, act to dampen the ultrasonic frequencies generated by the transducers, which in turn prevents the anti-fouling effect on the wet surface. Of course, if you own a wooden boat, you already knew that nothing is that simple.)

Zero-Harm Anti-Fouling Is Already A Reality

The use of ultrasound to prevent hull bio-fouling has been popular in the leisure boating sector for over a decade. In Norway, the Green Marina Project in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund, has recently proven that permanent anti-fouling can be achieved with just three elements:

  1. A hard hull coating
  2. Sonihull ECO ultrasonic systems, to prevent macro fouling
  3. Regular use at high-speed (or an in-water boat-wash), to remove surface slime and waterline weed

Future Proof Your Boat - Save The Planet Too

In 2019, the COWI Report estimated that 2,920 tonnes of microplastic pollution annually, made its way into the sea. This is just from anti-fouling coatings on leisure boats within Europe.

By 2026, any marine anti-fouling system that uses a biocide (any harmful chemical) will have to be resubmitted for lengthy and expensive approvals.

Industry insiders expect that many of the current anti-fouling paints will be discontinued before 2026, as demand grows for future-proof biocide-free solutions.

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