Sonihull ECO Systems

Whatever Floats Your Boat – Sonihull ECO Has Got You Covered

The Sonihull ECO range of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems has been developed for the specific requirements of the leisure boating market.

Box Ready or Bespoke Solutions

Systems can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of all kinds leisure vessel. Whatever you need to protect from marine bio-fouling...

...the hull of a 50-foot Carbon/Kevlar sailing boat; the IPS drives on your GRP/FRP motorboat; the raw water cooling-system in an aluminium superyacht... Sonihull ECO has got you covered.

Sonihull ECO Protects – Inside & Out

Inside: Waterjets, Pipework, Cooling Systems, Fuel & Water Tanks

Outside: Hulls, Propellers, Stern Drives, IPS Drives, Keel Coolers

Systems & Features


Sonihull ECO (2)

It may be the smallest system in the range, but the Sonihull ECO 2 is packed with the same features and technology as the rest of the fleet. This model comes with two ultrasonic transducers, ideal for hull protection of boats between 30 and 50-feet.


Sonihull ECO (4)

As the name suggests, the Sonihull ECO 4 has four Transducer outputs, making it an ideal choice for larger vessels where hull and/or ancillary equipment needs protection from marine bio-fouling.


Sonihull ECO (8)

The Sonihull ECO 8 controls up to eight transducers and can be linked with up to 31 other units, providing enough coverage to protect even the largest superyachts with the most complex systems.

What's the right Sonihull System for you?

Sailing Yacht
Power Boat
Up to 50ft. (15 metres)
1x Sonihull Duo
50-70ft. (15-21 metres)
2x Sonihull Duo
60-100ft. (18-30 metres)
3x Sonihull Duo

Sonihull ECO Works For All Kinds Of Materials

Sonihull ECO will work on any solid material that supports the transmission of an ultrasonic signal.
Steel, Aluminium, GRP, FRP, Carbon, Kevlar, even solid plastics and ABS materials can be protected from marine bio-fouling.

Wooden vessels cannot be protected by Sonihull ECO systems. The varying densities within the wood grain, act to dampen the ultrasonic frequencies generated by the transducers, which in turn prevents the anti-fouling effect on the wet surface.


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Sonihull ECO Can Adapt To Any Anti-fouling Challenge

With a comprehensive range of surface adaptors, Sonihull ECO systems can be used to protect all kinds of areas around your boat. The system comes with ABS mounting rings as standard, which can be chemically bonded onto most flat surfaces. For other applications, special mounting adaptors can be purchased separately.


Aluminium Mounting Ring

These marine-grade weldable aluminium mounting rings are ideal for larger aluminium hulls, jet drives, sea chests or other aluminium structures. The rings can be fitted as part of the standard build where Sonihull systems are offered as a buyer option.


Stern Drive & IPS Adaptor

This bolt-on device allows ultrasonic transmission into surfaces that are hard to reach, like stern drives. Results show an impressive average of 80% reduction in fouling on sterndrives using Sonihull via a stern drive adaptor.


Pipe Adaptor

With our full range of standard-diameter pipe adaptors, Sonihull can be attached to almost any kind of pipework. Protecting box coolers, valves, inlets, sea chests or other raw water handling equipment form being clogged by unwanted marine growth.


Keel Cooler Adaptor

These patented adaptors create a strong physical contact between a Sonihull ECO transducer and the keel cooler’s pipe fittings inside the hull. There’s no need for any plumbing or cooling system drainage. A split collar (smooth or threaded) clamps snugly around the inlet and outlet pipes.

In typical leisure boat applications, each Sonihull ECO ultrasound transducer will cover a circular wetted area of around 6m in diameter. The extent of coverage can vary between applications and depends on a number of factors, including the type of material being protected, the uniformity of the material and its structure. The number of joins, welds and the presence of other items that can hamper the propagation of the ultrasonic waves, will also influence performance. Sonihull ECO systems are modular and different systems can be combined to meet almost any vessel’s requirements.

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