The Power to Protect - Silently

Unseen, unheard and with the power to protect the most discerning owners without them even realising its there...
...Is it any wonder that Sonihull ECO is trusted by some of the world’s most advanced yacht builders, to protect some of the ocean’s finest yachts?

Sonihull ECO - Saving Time & The Planet

Despite the elegant exteriors and flawless interiors, the majority of the world’s superyachts are operated under the same constraints as commercial vessels.

They have to be in the right place at the right time and everything has to work, all the time. Little wonder that superyacht captains and management companies will do anything they can to reduce their technical workloads.

Time saved in the engine room on daily checks, weekly inspections and monthly cleaning regimes help these vessels stay out of drydock as long as possible.

Helping the crews do what they do best – looking after the guests.

Sonihull ECO - Reaches The Parts Other Yachts Don’t Even Have

As yachts get bigger, their systems become more complex. They require more power, bigger engines & gensets, larger capacity cooling systems and complex pipework to ensure that everything is kept cool.

Raw Seawater (RSW) cooling systems carry most of this burden, but they suffer from a significant flaw. They provide ideal habitats for colonisation by all kinds of marine bio-fouling, especially mussels and barnacles.

Left unchecked, any colonisation can quickly lead to pipe blockages and potentially catastrophic engine or generator damage (perish the thought, the air conditioning in the stateroom could even fail.)

No Cleaning & No Chemicals

Without Sonihull ECO ultrasonic anti-fouling systems, superyachts have to rely on expensive overhaul and cleaning regimes or on chemical dosing systems to keep pipework free from fouling.

Sonihull ECO Protects – Inside & Out

Inside: Waterjets, Pipework, Cooling Systems, Fuel & Water Tanks

Outside: Hulls, Propellers, Keel Coolers, Inlets, Sea chests

Before and After Sonihull

Before - 12 months of normal operation with existing AF systems and regimes.
After - 12 months of normal operation after cleaning & fitting Sonihull system.

Box Coolers & Seachests

Pipework & Valves

Hulls & Keel Coolers

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