Will I still need antifouling paint?

You will still need an external coating, but hard, slippery coatings without any biocides can be kept clean with Sonihull ECO.

The Green Marina project in Norway, which is supported by the World Wildlife Fund and the Norwegian government, has proven that for leisure boats, only three items are needed to keep a hull free from marine bio-fouling. A hard hull coating, a Sonihull ECO ultrasonic antifouling system and regular high-speed use (or a run through an in-water boat wash).

The hard coating provides waterproofing and a slippery surface to maintain as-new vessel performance. It also allows for good transmission of ultrasound and makes it difficult for organisms to establish a foot-hold.

The Sonihull system prevents macro fouling like barnacles and mussels from attaching and disrupts the first stages of the food chain.

The boat wash or regular use at fast speed, will remove any persistent slime and take care of any waterline weed.