Will Sonihull ECO’s ultrasonic anti-fouling technology damage my hull surface?


Sonihull ECO uses non-inertial cavitation induced by ultrasound to keep bio-fouling at bay.

The process is an established technology, usually associated with cleaning solid surfaces in fields as varied as jewellery and industrial cleaning.

Sonihull ECO ultrasonic anti-fouling systems disrupt the formation and proliferation of marine colonies and provide an effective means of preventing mussels and barnacle larvae from attaching to hard surfaces in raw seawater.

The process of ‘non-inertial cavitation’ should not be confused with ‘inertial cavitation’. The latter is the process that can damage propellers or the insides of pumps. But the forces involved with non-inertial cavitation are much lower.

So, with Sonihull ECO, there is no chance of surface damage, like erosion or pitting. That kind of physical damage can only be caused by inertial cavitation.